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Photographers (listed in alphabetical order)

AdMedia  A very comprehensive and useful article on digital photography.  Thanks to Danielle for suggesting this link.

Bryan Lemasters  West Virginia nature and landscape photographer.  Bryan's trademark panoramic photos are absolutely outstanding.

Clayton Spangler  A very successful and talented professional freelance photographer.  Clayton also lends his talents to  PPS (Photographic Production Services), a photo lab in Charleston, WV.  I can personally vouch for Clayton's professional and friendly service, and the high quality of the prints from this lab.

Gary D. Tonhouse 
Explore the prairies, wetlands, wildlife, and woodlands of the Iowa landscape with photographer Gary D. Tonhouse.

Lon J. Overacker
Photography  A California photographer who shares my views on the significance of recording the landscape on film, reflected in the name of his site, "Capturing Moments in Time".  His website is very attractive and well done.

PPS (Photographic Production Services)
A full service lab offering a wide range of photographic services.  I can personally attest to the excellent quality and customer service offered by PPS.

Hemlock Cards  The web site of photographer Sharon Dalton.  Nature photography from West Virginia, Cape Cod, Maine, and the Canadian Rockies.

Stephen J. Shaluta, Jr. 
An outstanding professional nature and landscape photographer.  Steve is a photographer for the West Virginia Division of Tourism.  His widely published images capture the beauty of diversity of the Mountain State with technical and creative perfection.  Steve is very gracious in sharing his extensive photographic knowledge with other photographers.

Van Slider 
An extremely talented amateur photographer and a very close personal friend.  If you enjoy beautiful landscapes, you will find Van's site to be a visual feast.


Outdoor Photographer  The most complete nature and outdoor photography magazine available.

Wonderful West Virginia  The web site of Wonderful West Virginia magazine.  The official publication of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, WWV features a variety of articles about the beauty, history, recreation, plants, wildlife, and people of the Mountain State.  The magazine is widely recognized for its exceptional photography.  A prestigious publication with no advertising, and beautifully printed on a very high quality paper -- truly a bargain at the low subscription price.

Nature and Travel Links

e-WV  The on-line version of the West Virginia Encyclopedia.  (Several of my images appear in the West Virginia Encyclopedia, in both the online and print versions.  I highly recommend the print version to anyone who lives in West Virginia.)

A veterans organization, founded by civilians who never served in the military, to express sincere thanks to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces for their service.

West Virginia Division of Tourism 
A wealth of valuable information.

West Virginia Web  The complete guide to West Virginia.

 Faith-based Links

Bridge Street church of Christ  The members of the body of Christ with whom I worship.
Focus Press 
An organization dedicated to helping people come to a full understanding of true Christianity and providing reasonable answers to those who are seeking the truth.

Apologetics Press
 A wealth of information on Christian apologetics and Christian evidences (creation vs. evolution, the age of the earth, inspiration of the Bible, deity of Christ; etc.)

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